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Difficulties are marked according to the Logic Masters Germany scale. These are just my best guesses, so please let me know if you have a different opinion!

All OctoPuzzles links come with walkthroughs if you need help at any point. (Not all puzzles have OctoPuzzles links.)

Fillomino Chaos Construction #

Published on May 22, 2023.

Difficulty: 5

Tags: Sudoku, Chaos Construction, Fillomino

Divide the grid into 9 orthogonally connected regions of size 9, and place the digits 1-9 in the grid such that each row, column, and region has one copy of each digit.

Then, divide each region into some polyominoes such that no two polyominoes of the same size share an edge.

Digits in a circle indicate the size of the polyomino it is in, and digits in a square indicate the number of polyominoes in its region.

Penpa solvers only: Answer check requires all digits to be filled out, green edges for region borders, and double edges for pentomino borders that are NOT region borders. (All region borders are also pentomino borders because of the rules.)

Image of 'Fillomino Chaos Construction' puzzle



Silent Suguru #

Published on April 24, 2023.

Difficulty: 5

Tags: Suguru, Chaos Deconstruction, German Whispers

Suguru: Fill some cells in the grid with the digits 1-9 such that no digit repeats in a row or column. All digits must belong to a region, which is a collection of orthogonally connected cells. A region of size n contains the digits 1 through n once each. Regions may not touch each other orthogonally, although they may touch each other diagonally.

German Whispers: Adjacent digits on a German Whisper line differ by 5 or more.

Two cells along the same German Whisper belong in the same region if and only if they are on an orthogonally connected path along the line.

Odd/Even: Digits in a gray circle are odd. Digits in a gray square are even.

Any cell containing a German Whisper, Odd, or Even clue must have a digit in it.

Image of 'Silent Suguru' puzzle




Alphabet Soup #

Published on November 4, 2022.

Difficulty: 5

Tags: Sudoku, Thermometers

Each thermo displayed in the right grid must be placed in a unique region on the left grid. Moreover, the position of each thermo must not change with respect to its region (meaning no rotation or translation within the region).

Also note that the answer check will only work when the right side is cleared of digits (though you, of course, may consider yourself finished at the time you place the last digit in the left side of the grid).

Image of 'Alphabet Soup' puzzle